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on 2/4/17
Very good service
on 12/6/16
Stunk, never failed inspection for safety before in my life. Inspections are scams to make money. Recomend leasing drive brand new feel better money well spent !
on 8/2/16
Money hungry thief's !!won't recommend them at all...!!!
on 5/1/16
First the person who work on my car he put the tires the wrong way the inside of the tire he put it on the outside. The second person who took the tires out damage one of the wheel nut. For this reason I have to live my car for a day on the shop and I have to cancel my trip for a day .
on 12/14/15
first of all, to change a small hose from the firewall to the T that broke off that connects the heating system, he gentleman suggested i change the other hose also.tat is next to the firewall for 280.00 for both hoses. i said to him no, just change the one hose that was broken. he said 240.00 to change a small hose and 280 to change both hoses. i found this unfair and being taken for granted. to charge me 240 for one hose and 280 for 2 hoses. I said to him just fix the side of the hose that broke off from the T. he said it would be 240.00 because of labor. This is INSANE. I WILL NEVER COME BACK AGAIN TO ALL TIRE...FOR ANY REASON. THEY ARE RIPOFFS. I AM POSTING THIS ON MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO LET ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SEE THE RIPOFFS ALL TIRE ARE. THANK YOU.