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on 5/16/17
I'm kind of perplexed at the very high quote of $840 that was given my daughter for a brake job on her 2009 Camry. I hope this was a mistake or a miscommunication by either party. In addition she was quoted a lot more for other work. I'd hate to not return to your establishment.
on 9/13/16
The time spent to change the oil was very long. The maintenance light was not reset after the change.
on 12/14/15
When a car owner leaves the car in the care of an establishment, that establishment should make every effort to ensure no damage is done in the process of the job at hand. After having tires installed on my car I didn't notice right away but some days later a gash on my alloy wheel. Alloy wheels are made from a composite of aluminium or magnesium. These are softer metals compared to steel. Somehow my alloy wheel came into contact with something steel apparently sometime over the last week. Since the remainder of my wheels are in good shape I can only speculate getting new tires has a high probability of having something to do with the gash on my wheel. Unfortunately the management at All Tire denies the gash was caused by them. All I can do is move on. In the future though I'm not sure All Tire is for me.